Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield Testimonials rowing

I can highly reccomend Health in Motion Physiotherapy. I am a normally highly active 75 year old who had my activities (hill walking) curtailed by severe arthritic knee pain. Three visits to Health in Motion Physiotherapy plus the reccomended daily exercises have given me a new lease of life, I am almost pain free now.

- Ray (75)



Health in Motion Physiotherapy has greatly helped me in my recovery and return to my active lifestyle. Suffering from a debilitating case of tendonitis resulting from weight lifting I found myself unable to continue to pursue my hobby and it was also affecting my work. A few visits to the Health in Motion clinic in Swallownest for treatment and by putting in to practice the advice I was given there and I'm pleased to say my tendonitis has completely cleared.

- Joe (23)



I've been suffering from lower back pain for the last few years but it got much worse over the last six months. I was advised by a friend to see a physiotherapist and I'm really pleased that I decided to go with Health in Motion. Within a few sessions I was starting to feel much better and the exercises I've been given have helped me to be more active and I really feel better in myself.

- Louise (43)