Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield Sports injury rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

At Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield we specialise in sports injury rehabilitation. We work with athletes of all abilities, from GB international sportsmen and women to hobbyists and those who enjoy taking part in regular exercise. We work with athletes in a range of sports, from strength sports such as Strongman and Throwing events to endurance events such as long distance running and cycling.



We are actively involved in providing physiotherapy services for several sports clubs and teams during events across the UK. Attending events in person keeps us in touch with exactly how our athletes are faring and helps us to keep our sports injury rehabilitation treatments on the cutting edge.



At Health in Motion Physiotherapy we will assess all the factors which may have contributed to your injury, we will review your technique, training programme and your general levels of flexibility, mobility and strength. We will apply effective, modern, evidence-based treatments to work with you to get you back to your best, and back to your sport.