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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries



What is a sport injury?


A sport injury is not technically a specific type of injury, but essentially any injury suffered during or caused by sport. The benefit to classifying injuries as 'sport injuries' is that certain injuries and conditions are much more prevalent amongst sporting populations, think of hamstring injuries in footballers or knee pain in runners. Sportsmen also tend to have different expectations in regards to return to activity and recovery time, often a much more intensive rehabilitation procedure is in order. 



What will my physiotherapist do?


At Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield your HCPC registered, chartered physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your injury. This will include taking a complete verbal history of your injury and of your training and competition schedule. A thorough physical assessment of the injury and any related structures. Depending on your sport your physiotherapist may request to see you perform your sport either through video or where possible in person. Your physiotherapist will ask you your goals and expectations and will focus your rehabilitation around your individual competitive needs.



Physiotherapy Treatment  


Sports injuries can vary greatly, and can involve any of the bodies structures e.g. muscles, ligaments, joints, intra-articular structures, bones or nerves. Certain injuries are more common in particular sports, however due to the unpredictable nature of sport and human movement accidents are inevitable. Treatments therefore are selected based on your individual situation, your injury and your competition and training schedule. All physiotherapy treatment techniques may be appropriate depending on your injury, this may include sports massage, electrotherapy, joint mobilisation, soft tissue mobilisation, taping, cryotherapy and exercise therapy. Furthermore, it may be important for your physiotherapist to review your sport technique, your training programme and your competition schedule to ensure that you aren't pre-disposing yourself to injuries with inefficient technique or an unbalanced training programme.



What do I need to do?


Book an appointment by calling 0114 208 6267 or e-mail It is recommended that you bring clothes appropriate to the injury that you have as your physiotherapist will want to examine the injury; shorts if you have a lower limb injury for example. It may also be beneficial to bring your usual training attire so that your physiotherapist can see you in action and examine your technique.