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Post-Op Rehab

Post-Op Rehabilitation



What is Post-Op Rehabilitation?


Unfortunately some injuries or problems can not be resolved or brought back to pre-injury levels without the intervention of a surgeon. This could be a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis or an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction after a severe sports injury. Undergoing surgery no matter how minor can require substantial time and effort until you are feeling back to your best. It is crucial during this period that you receive sound advice and guidance to progress back to your pre-operation level. It is quite common for sportsmen to complete a rehabilitation protocol but still not feel ready to return to sport, this is where Health in Motion Sports Rehabilitation can help to structure a return to sport training and a rehabilitation programme which will build your confidence in a safe environment before advancing you back to sport.



What will my physiotherapist do?  


Your HCPC registered, chartered Health in Motion Physiotherapist will ask about your operation, the events that led to you requiring surgery and your medical history. Your progress will be assessed from surgery in regards to your joint range of motion, strength, mobility and functional capacity as appropriate to your individual situation. Your physiotherapist will work with you to establish your goals and devise an individualised treatment plan and exercise strategy to help you achieve your goals.



Physiotherapy Treatment


Treatment will vary greatly depending on the nature or your operation, your stage of recovery and your post-op goals. However, rehabilitation will focus on progressive exercises, first regaining flexibility and strength and then improving functional ability in a range of environments suited to your individual goals and aims. You may be taught the best way to use your walking aids if needed and be helped to progress to walking without assistance. You will be instructed on how to perform your exercises and also informed as to what to avoid to ensure you do not place excess stress on your surgical site. Some forms of manual therapy may also be used on tight or painful tissues which may be impeding your progress.



What do I need to do?


Book an appointment at a time that suits you by calling 0114 208 6267 or e-mail It is advised that you bring as much information about your operation as possible to ensure an optimum treatment strategy can be developed. Don't worry if you do not know too much about your surgery, we can assess you there and then and progress from there. It is advised that you bring clothes that will allow your physiotherapist to assess your operation site and the movement in the associated joint, for example shorts if you have had a total knee replacement.