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Neck Pain and Whiplash

Neck Pain



What is Neck Pain?


As with back pain many structures around the neck can cause pain, as such it is often difficult to identify the exact source of pain. This is why treatment tends to focus towards restoring movement and function, whilst treating any dysfunctional tissue. Many factors such as posture, level of exercise, body weight and occupation can contribute towards pain. It is often necessary to address all causes and contributors of pain to make a complete recovery. It is not uncommon to experience additional symptoms to your neck pain in your shoulders and even your arms. Indeed many people who seek help for shoulder and arm pain are surprised to discover that their pain may be being caused by a dysfunctional structure in their neck.


Neck pain can often result from a road traffic accident in the form of whiplash. Whiplash is cause by a hyperextension-flexion trauma to the neck . Everyone experiences differences in their symptoms following whiplash; headaches and neck pain are very common, furthermore the recovery rate can be quite variable. This process unfortunately often occurs at the same time as stressful legal battles a procedure which is no comfort to your neck pain. At Health in Motion Physiotherapy we focus on resolving your pain and try to make recovering as easy as possible.



What will my physiotherapist do?


Your chartered, HCPC registered Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield physiotherapist will take a full history of your symptoms and ask you several questions about your pain. This will allow your physiotherapist to identify the mechanism or potential contributing factors of your pain and begin to consider appropriate treatment options. A physical assessment of your neck will follow, checking for movement and limitations, the mobility of your spine, and the contribution of soft tissues to your pain. From this thorough assessment an optimal treatment plan will be devised. Your physiotherapist will work with you to select an appropriate management and rehabilitation strategy and will provide all the assistance you need to relieve your pain.



Physiotherapy Treatment 


Treatment will include a wide range of evidence-based methods aimed to remove your pain and get you back to feeling your best. This may include exercises, postural corrections, stretches, mobilisations, neural mobilisations, self mobilisations, soft tissue massage, deep transverse frictions, trigger point release, electrotherapy and advice and injury management. Treatment will be unique to your individual situation, you will be guided through each stage of the rehabilitation process and never be asked to do something that you cannot manage. Advice will always be just a phone call away on 0114 208 6267.



What do I need to do?


First book an appointment by calling 0114 208 6267 or e-mail You don't need to wear any special clothes or bring any equipment with you, it is just recommended that you wear a vest type top or a sports bra as your physiotherapist may want to assess the muscles around the neck. If you have health insurance it is recommended that you contact your provider or check their procedures before attending, some companies require you to have a letter of referral before starting physiotherapy. Please book an appointment at Health in Motion Physiotherapy in advance and your slot will be saved until you have everything in order. We look forward to meeting you.