Exercise Programme Management

Exercise Programme Management



For those involved in sport or regular exercise it is important to structure your exercise or training with sufficient rest to ensure that you can keep performing to the best of your ability. Fatigue can lead to poor performance, and worse, injury. Injuries and complaints after exercising with insufficient rest often present as overuse injuries which can be very serious and prevent the return to exercise for several months. 


The balance between intensity, volume and frequency in your training programme dictates its effectiveness in improving performance. Correct balance between training parameters allows you to improve certain attributes at different times throughout the year and can help avoid overstraining and overuse injuries. The type of exercises you do can also predispose you to injury, for example those spending a lot of time in the gym working only on bench press may be susceptible to shoulder and elbow injuries. A balanced training approach with the inclusion of a wide range of exercise can avoid developing muscular imbalances which increase the risk of injury.



How can Health in Motion Physiotherapy help?


Health in Motion Physiotherapy specialises in sport injury rehabilitation. Health in Motion founder Sean Brindley has significant experience in the coaching of elite athletes and likes to integrate effective programming within the course of sports physiotherapy rehabilitation. This allows you to get the most out of your training and rehabilitation and ensure that you are receiving an optimal training effect. Your physiotherapist will be happy to work with your coach to integrate effective physiotherapy sports rehabilitation into your current programme. If requested your physiotherapist will review your training plan and provide amendments which may improve the effectiveness of the programme.



At Health in Motion Physiotherapy Sheffield we provide premier quality physio treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions. Our chartered physiotherapists work regularly with International athletes and are experts in sports injury rehabilitation. We work with people from all walks of life, and all activity levels. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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