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What is electrotherapy?


Electrotherapy involves using different types of energy, sound, light, electrical and temperature to treat injured tissues. Electrotherapy can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote the natural healing response. Different electrotherapy types are used to treat varying conditions, and have a wide range of different qualities and effects. 



How does it work? 


As stated above, electrotherapy utilises different forms of energy to treat injured tissues. Each type of electrotherapy works by different mechanisms, ultrasound therapy for example manipulates sound waves to treat injuries, whereas interferential therapy uses electrical impulses to provide a treatment effect. Each type works via different physiological mechanisms, the majority of therapies work by improving the bodies function at the cellular level and improving the bodies ability to heal.



What conditions is electrotherapy used for?


Because of the wide range of treatment effects available electrotherapy can be used for many injuries and conditions. Because of its analgesic effect electrotherapy is often used for people struggling with acute and chronic pain. Its anti-inflammatory effect makes it very effective for use with injuries with a lot of swelling. Soft tissue injuries such as sprained ligaments and torn muscles are often also treated with electrotherapy modalities to encourage the bodies natural healing response.