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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue/ME



What is Chronic Fatigue/ME?

Chronic Fatigue or ME is a very debilitating condition principally causing symptom of severe fatigue. The actual effects of the condition vary in type and severity between people and despite several theories which aim to explain the cause of the condition, the true cause is unknown. Regardless of the cause the effects can be devastating, it is not uncommon for people to completely stop their usual activities and interests, for many people their life is put on hold whilst chronic fatigue has its hold. The effects of chronic fatigue varies from person to person, for some the disease lasts a few months before the person gradually returns to their activities, for others the condition in more enduring. Both however, tend to follow a fluctuating course where symptoms build and wane.

What will my physiotherapist do?

Traditional physiotherapy such as injury rehabilitation, mobilisation and strengthening isn't necessarily appropriate for sufferers of CFS/ME, although it should be noted that it is not impossible to have ME and a musculoskeletal injury concurrently. Health in Motion Physiotherapy views CFS/ME as the bodies abnormal response to stress, physical or mental. This allows us to establish a clear treatment and management goal with a focused objective. We will help you monitor your activities and your fatigue and help you to identify factors that negatively affect your fatigue. Once your daily routine is managed and organised to reduce fatigue we will look to increase your exercise tolerance. This is best thought of as resetting your body's stress thermostat; during the worst periods of CFS/ME the slightest task can completely deplete your energy. By building up your exercise tolerance in small manageable chunks you are better able to cope with the demands of daily life, the task that used to wipe you out is nothing compared to the exercise that you managed with ease the day before. We can also help to select appropriate exercise for you, this might involve a stress and anxiety relieving element such as thai chi, Qi Gong or physiotherapy breathing exercises, something which fits your interests.

Your initial assessment will involve an examination of your symptoms, an evaluation of your current functional capacity and a discussion of your treatment goals and aims. It is important that we as physiotherapists understand the client, the process is much more effective when we are both pulling in the same direction, we aim to understand your capabilities and appreciate your aims. Once the assessment has taken place your physiotherapist will discuss with you their recommended treatment options, this will be your chance to work with your physiotherapist to make sure that you are happy with the treatment plan.

What do I have to do?

First you can book an appointment by calling 0114 208 62 67 or e-mail We have time slots from 7am to 10pm and we are open Saturdays so you are sure to find a time that suits you. You do not need to bring or do anything, just arrive on time for your pre-arranged slot. If you have an activity or fatigue diary it is recommended that you bring these so that your initial assessment can be as detailed as possible.